Healthy Child, Healthy Home

You could build a castle, but it won't fetch you happiness without a prince or princess in it.
The most loved ones in a home are the children, showered with love of all they bring joy & content to one's life.

This post is inspired by Indiblogger's  Happy Hours Topic


Being the youngest in the house I was always the lucky one to get all the attention. If ever I fell sick, the whole of the family would make it a point to be around me & do everything possible to make me feel better.
Fortunately there were not many days of me being bed ridden as I was growing up. But whenever I was sick, I had seen my Family worried and the whole house getting a vibe of being weak.

My Childhood :)

I thank my Mom for all the efforts she took to protect me from everything and for my good health.

Love you Mom :)

 A Poem reflecting my views on how Children become source of happiness in a family & how if ever they fall sick the whole house feels its effects.


Like little stars which twinkle
even in the darkest of the nights,
They brighten up your home,
Little Angels of our lives.

The grandest of the decors,
the biggest of the pillars.
Don't make a house a home,
without the presence of the Juniors.

Morning starts with Cartoons,
Night ends with Bed time stories.
Source of positivity they become,
fading away all hassles & worries

The cutest of the smiles,
the naughtiest of the pranks
Small eyes, Small dreams,
Tiny wishes and tiny palms

If ever these tiny tots fall sick,
if ever health plays the wicked trick
In absence of the cute smiles & sweet voices
the whole house would feel weak

Blessed with good health & bright smiles,
to protect those is a parent's duty.
For the aura of happiness to continue, 

Equip them with shield of Immunity.


Healthy habits make a healthy Child,
Healthy Child makes a happy Home
and Happy Home makes a Happy Family.

To learn more about Healthy Habits & Increased immunity click on this link
Guide to Increased Immunity by Dabur Chyawanprash


  1. Hi Anirudh,
    Good to meet you today at Indiblogger.
    I just visited some of your pages and
    I just joined in.
    This is a well versed poem.
    Indeed a healthy child is the promise of tomorrow.
    We need to take care of their needs and of course
    We need to teach them healthy habits too!
    Keep writing my dear friend.
    Keep informed.
    Best Regards
    ~ Philip Ariel

  2. Hello Philip sir,
    Indeed a pleasure to make new friends from the blogging network.
    Thanks for your appreciation & encouraging words.
    Keep Blogging. Keep Reading

  3. Beautiful poem. Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. amazingly written! keep writing!

  5. Great information there, I have always wondered the right way to go about this, thanks for showing me!

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