Happy Anniversary Super Souls!!

The journey which we took started last Daseera,
15th & 16th October, 2013.
We visited Ramakrishna Tapovan, Polali

For long we volunteers were willing to contribute towards society, we were unsure how to go through.
We approached several organizations including our educational institutions, everyone asked “Whats in for us? Why?”
Disheartened we were for few days.
Then one day we decided to dive in anyway!!

We get in talks with Ramakrishna Tapovan, Polali, Mangalore, Karnataka
This ashram welcomed us! They too were excited about what we had in mind.

We visited the place with a team of around 20. The activities we did, the response we got, the interactions with the kids, all of those can be just explained in one word “BLISS!”

The children gave their feedback on what more they expected and wished for. We wanted to do more ourselves. We decide to stay back and continue next day.

The activities we did included Tasks to improve Analytical Skills, Public Speaking, Collage, Skit, Computer Literacy Campaign and many Games.

Super Souls first event on Daseera, 2013
First Event of Super Souls

On the way back, we said “This was one of the best weekends, .. It must continue.”

Then there was no stopping us.
We continued on every possible weekend.

Today We are Volunteers at
“Super Souls”
Super Souls logo
Our Logo.
There are no Presidents, VPs..etc
All are volunteers.
If you are free next weekend and wish to join you too are the upcoming volunteer.

We visited, held small activities worked in Orphanages, Old age home, Animal Shelter, Rehab Centers…
On the way many talented good hearted people joined us and today we are a team of around 150 people.

Artists, Dancers, Graphic designers, Musicians, Photographers, Bike Stuntmen, DJs, Teachers and the majority- Students

We had our Vision clear.
We wanted to provide a simple platform for people to volunteer and contribute towards society, because when we went searching we couldn’t find one. No registration. No formalities. You want to do something, just do it. Join the team in any of the weekends.

Our Motto:
Entertainment for a Cause.

For all of us today, Happiness is redefined.
It is all of those small moments we enjoy in one of our events.

To know more about Super Souls
Click here.


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