A Poem for the Heartbroken & the Way out

Wont say much about this, my shortest post....
But a much needed one..

To all the folks going through bad times.
Who find it difficult to move on after a breakup.
A little support from your friend.

Brave you are I must say,
to go through this every day.
My friend, a little more strength you gather.
On happiness lane u walk little farther.

For all your suffering and pain will go,

Relief and freedom you will then know.
But little more courage you have to show,
within these weeds like a flower you must grow.

Not tears, but memories of smiles is wat u must preserve.

Collect some everyday n share, with those who truly deserve.

For every bit you share, more will come your way

"A little more Strength my friend.. a little more" is all I say.

If it was not meant to be, it was not meant to be.

You better realize that there are lot more people in the world who are worthy of love and support.
Volunteers at Super Souls, Mangalore, Birthday Celebration
Volunteers at Super Souls

They don't have anyone. 
Try showering your love on them. 
Try being kind to them.

You will never be betrayed neither regret.

Still people don't work for you then adopt a cat, 
cute kitten photo, my pet
My lil one- Saimy

or a dog if you prefer.
dog sleeping peacefully photo
A dog.

Still no?

Then Love yourslef, that must not be hard.

Just move on :)

Dont steal the photos, for misuse :p
But if you can use it to make some heartbroken feel good, go ahead ;) :)


  1. Truly said Ani... Lot more people need our time and love.. D one who really deserve would never make u regret on it. Very nice... :) :)


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