The Pen Warriors- Post 3

The Pen Warriors
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The rumble of the wheels beneath the train carriage and the shrill sound made by wind were music enough, today she didn't need her earphones and Ipod shuffle . The scenic beauty at display from the window of Ernakulum Mangala Express was what had her attention. While every other person in the train compartment had their eyes fixated on her.
A man sitting opposite to her tried to make sense of what was printed on her loosely fit yellow tee which held her white wayfarer glasses by the collar.
Even with 93% literacy rate of Kerala, not one person in the compartment could comprehend the mind boggling graffiti on her tee and more puzzling was the tattoo on her right hand. The tattoo which was partially hidden by the accessories resembling Christian rosary wrapped around her wrists.
Everyone's gaze followed, as She raised her arm to tuck a stray strand of hair behind her ear. That is when they met Jennifer's expression.
With eyebrows raised she shot everyone a displeased look.
They continued to stare.
Accustomed to seeing gals with oiled and nicely braid long hair, dressed in traditional full skirt and long blouse, a gal in denim shorts did seem out of the place for them.
A typecast attached to a Malayali girls. If given a chance, Jennifer would kill the person behind the origin of this typecasting.
The persistent stares made Jennifer uneasy and she got up from her seat. Grabbing her Camera bag from the upper berth, she loloped over scattered luggage to reach the door
Settling down on the footboard, Jennifer leaned forward to feel the wind hit her face.
Soon the questions were back to engulf her mind.
"Is this Journey worth it?"
"Am I chastising myself again?"
"Will he even come?"
Jennifer was studying in National University of Technology, Mangalore. This was her journey back home. Home seemed like a euphemism. Cochin, today known as Kochi was where she was born but not where she was cared or nurtured. After her mom's death it never seemed like home, all that she had in the name of family was paid Butlers and Chauffeurs around her. Her dad would always be in Mumbai busy with his Business. She couldn't even recall when was the last time she saw him. The one nearest memory about him was his signature on the cheques she regularly received.
“No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and money.
Matthew 6:24
The Pocket Bible in her backpack, which she always carried with her, had a bookmark to the page containing this verse.
Rather it was pinned to her thoughts too.
"One cannot serve two masters" .
"He will love the one and hate the other"
"Did he hate me?!"
"Two Masters?"
"Family or Money?"
Onam was approaching, it was her hopes to meet him. This was one time of the year which all Kerlaites spent with their Family. They say Onam is celebrated to welcome a  Demon King- Mahaballi. He was given a boon to visit his kingdom once every year, which is today celebrated as Onam.
"Hope Mahaballi of my family, will return this Onam"
Jennifer smirked at her thought.
Regardless of the circumstances, this journey to home was always what Jennifer looked forward to. The scenic beauty of her native is what inspired her to take up Photography as her Hobby.
She could now see the setting Sun offering a beautiful picturesque for her to capture. She swiftly grabbed her DSLR and set it to "Aperture Priority" mode. Zooming into the landscape she focussed towards the farthest Mountain.
"Crystal Clear" She said to herself.
The shutter of the camera while she studied and captured the natural terrain of God's own country was soothing her bemused mind.
She could always find peace in two things. One was her belief in God and other in the frame of her camera. She wished everything was this beautiful and simple.
The question in her mind "Will he be there?" was now taking a back seat.
Little did she know what he was going through.
Pookalam- The floral delight, Rangolis made from Flowers
Vallamkali- The Snake boat race, Unity of 100 oarsmen
Thiruvathira -The Graceful dance, around the Divine oil lamp
Pretty Malayali girls draped in beautiful white Kasavu sarees.
Parades and Tableaus with Elephants, Fireworks and the great Feast
Last ten days was euphoric for Kerala. With the grand festival of Onam, whole of Kochi was reverberating with joy and happiness. Both tourists and the natives dressed in traditional attire filled the Port city of Kochi. Amidst this crowd, a girl pointlessly roamed around the city, grey hoodie, white knee length shorts,  remorse hidden behind her wayfarer and a camera bag on her shoulder. Remorse for hurting herself and having false hopes.
10 days
3500 Photographs/3.45 GB of data
Jennifer captured all the gusto and festive spirit of Onam in her Camera.
But this massive memory space filled in her camera bespoke of a void in her Life.
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  1. so much detailing of photography! :D

  2. Amazing! Loved the descriptin on Kerala! Lovely events to capture on Camera! Wow!! :)

  3. That was a wonderful short story :) Also describing much about Kerala and its culture. What I loved most was that camera was one of the characters in this story :) a way. Keep up the good work and I would like to read more of your work!!!


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