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The Pen Warriors- Post 16

The Pen Warriors Read the PROLOGUE  and Previous  chapter  of the story by clicking on the respective links.   Too Late For Atonement – Chapter 15 “Platform kramank do par aanewaali local nau bajkar ek tees minute ki Mumbai Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus jaane waali dheemi local hai. Yaha local sabhee sthanakon par rukegi “ “The Train arriving at Platform number 2 is 9:31 slow local to  Mumbai Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus. This local will halt at all stations.” The incessant announcements were blaring in Thane railway station. Wearing his backpack in the front, a white Ruggers shirt and blue denims Shekhar made his way through the crowd on the stairs of the foot over bridge. Among all the rules and guidelines known to every Mumbaikar about Local trains, this one was followed by all. One must wear his backpack in the front to avoid it getting stuck when you board the overcrowded trains. It was also a prevention from theft. Shekhar could feel a unusual tingle i

Review: Private India by Ashwin Sanghi & James Patterson

Private India by Ashwin Sanghi & James Patterson Private India, Ashwin Sanghi & James Peterson's *Not a Spoiler "Private India"and when they say India, they just don't mean location as India. They bring out India in all possible ways, its roots, culture, fun, dread , truth and yes the location too. Private Mumbai would be more apt, if we consider it only as a location as the plot revolves around Mumbai. It does well on exploring few streets and areas like Colaba causeway, Kamathipura, Andheri, Haji ali and such prime locations. But at times, it looks as if a attempt to force in the city's traits between the storyline. One such being, the reference of Mumbai locals and 2006 Mumbai Explosions. Plot: As they say "Its the season of Murders in Mumbai". The main plot is about finding a Garotte Killer. Private India is a part international investigation agency, employing a team of four investigators each contributing in their own way

The Pen Warriors- Post 3

The Pen Warriors Read the PROLOGUE  and FIRST CHAPTER   parts of the story by clicking on the respective links.   The rumble of the wheels beneath the train carriage and the shrill sound made by wind were music enough, today she didn't need her earphones and Ipod shuffle . The scenic beauty at display from the window of Ernakulum Mangala Express was what had her attention. While every other person in the train compartment had their eyes fixated on her. A man sitting opposite to her tried to make sense of what was printed on her loosely fit yellow tee which held her white wayfarer glasses by the collar. Even with 93% literacy rate of Kerala, not one person in the compartment could comprehend the mind boggling graffiti on her tee and more puzzling was the tattoo on her right hand. The tattoo which was partially hidden by the accessories resembling Christian rosary wrapped around her wrists. Everyone's gaze followed, as She raised her arm to tuck a stray strand of hai

Influencer Marketing- Yes you too are a part of it!

           Today a lot of our routine and life is Influenced. Influenced by the environment around us. We ourselves don't know how much data our subconscious mind picks on, before it comes to a decision of choice .(Maybe Gals have the super power to control this!!) Unknowingly or knowingly everyone becomes part of Marketing Campaigns today.             You too may have many Influencers in your life...No, not exactly your Boyfriends/Girlfriends (but ya it can include them too) What do you do when you have to buy a product? Go around asking people for advice or look for suggestions online or in any other media. So these become influencers in your choice of the products. Online forums, Advertising, Celebrities, Product Journalists, Magazines, Endorsements and Most important Consumers by the word of mouth are the major stake holders involved in the process of Sales and Marketing. Influencer /Influence  Marketing is all about understanding who or what influences choice ove

Movie Review: Mary Kom

Mary Kom for me, was a hassle between the expectations and reality. I expected more of  Adrenaline rush and Exaggerating scenes, but the movie turned out to be in the line of delivering truth and yet reached a level of inspiration. Its said and believed that real life and reel life are way different, but  Mangte Chungneijang Mary Kom 's  life is a perfect plot for a Motivational movie. The movie starts with a shady scene of a curfew showing a pregnant Mary and her hubby Onler Kom making their way to the hospital. The transitions in the scenes are smooth , with different phases of her life running parallel. By interval, Mary has achieved everything and it seems to be perfect.The real story and struggle starts afterwards.                    From every biopic movie on sports, we tend to find inspiration and motivation. This movie starts to fulfill those , when Mary's Coach sir delivers has 5 point rule of succeeding in Boxing-Commitment, Surrender, Focus, No Pain-No Gain a