Naming The Poem - In the Name of Commercialization

Almost Everything We know or do today is somehow having a commercial side to it.  Marketing, Trends and Networking are the words which keep on ringing in one's mind these days.
Streets and Highways bounded by huge hoardings giving out advertisements. Advertisements of products claiming to be better than others...the best.

Social Networking Sites bombarded with Competitions with Hash tags and back links.
One can fill his/her Home with goodies obtained from Digital marketing, just by being online all day and hunting for such opportunities.
The extent of Marketing has reached such levels that I couldn't resist framing a poem about it.
Some Professional writers say that Social media today has killed real poetry. They claim that Poetry is something only for the Professionals.
But I don't agree. Poems may not be perfect for commercialization  and Yes poems are what gives content and adds meaning to a writer's life. Still, one truly enjoys his writings by sharing it with others. At least I do.

Even this poem to be read and to meet its whole point, has to be commercialized. It has to be refined as per Marketing strategies...
Kidding people!!....just have a look...
Enough of Being Philosophical... Lets get to the Being Poetic mode.

Naming the Poem


Actually I got of this idea while browsing through the poems available online to read.
Some poems have such names that attract us but we are not satisfied with the read, while some in spite of being good goes unnoticed because of its title.... 

*Even I will be sharing this post in all possible ways. Don't judge ...LOL

Thanks for reading


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