Am Coming Home!

Am coming coming home...can't stop myself from humming this song. For those who don't know,  'Am coming home'  is a song by Dirty Diddy..Google it. Its a nice song and whenever I tried writing a poem about my current excitement, I could find myself humming this lyrics. I have just posted a part of the lyrics...I usually don't copy paste here. But I did this time because I was so much satisfied with this song that i didn't need another poem to express.
This excitement and all actually started on 28-11-11, when with help of my friend.  I decided to make a trip to Mumbai and booked the tickets the very next day. I had exam next day, but that night I was not able to study at all. All the memories of my friends from my old place poured in. The same memories would have hurt a lot, if not for the plan to be there back soon. I was trying to solve some numericals with the music playing, to add to the nostalgic mood songs like 'Swades' started playing followed by 'Yarron dosti badi hi hasin hai' :)
 I had shifted from Mumbai(Kalyan to be precise) to Mangalore nearly 4 years back and My last trip to Mumbai was 2 years back, that is a long time back!! I remember how the few months of my life that time were divided into different eras after the trip. AT(After Trip) and BT(Before Trip). At that time my Mumbai friends had come here to visit me and after they left, for days the loneliness was killing me. So in desperation and in the craze to play football I had planned that trip, which to truly say was not fully legal(Legal means....forget! that’s not the topic) but it was a good plan and all went well.
 Now again here I am fully excited about going to Mumbai. Tomorrow at 2pm is the train. I truly feel that is the place where I belong. So last time and even this time, it’s not too hard to leave behind this slow and calm life and get back to the fast and crazy life. That’s not it, this time totally legal :) going with Mom and my best buddy from here. So I am taking the good part of Mangalore with me to Mumbai!!
I will surely write when I reach there, and lots of pics because my friend is equipped with a new camera!!
Anything else I would like to add is, I was again at that Shit bank from my place and they really gave me a head-ache!
and  Yupps as I had told I am fully ready to be back at mumbai and astonish my friends with my football skills(even played today)!  
I am currently reading ‘Stranger in the Mirror’ by Sidney Sheldon. 35% done will give a review when done.

So Merry Christmas to all my friends!!
God bless you all!!

Cya not very soon Mangalore!
Enjoy your vacations Friends! If all goes as planned then will get something for all. :)

Here I come Mumbai...
All my lazy friends I don’t want any excuse, be ready to have fun!!

pic from last trip....

me and smit, gateway, mumbai


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  2. You can get a house at any part of this world, but not a home coz u'll find the love of ur near and dear ones only at ur HOME!
    U r most welcomed here!! U r planning to surprise all of us here??!!! Well then lets c who tops in that, you or me!!!
    I hv already read the book u r still reading. So my review on it--> OHHHHHHHHLALA......

  3. yupps very much true also reading Revolution 20-20, started reading in train....

  4. great,, i m reading this only after u reached here :-((!!!! welcome home....infact..welcome to kalyan!!!!!!!!!!


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