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Am Coming Home!

Am coming coming home...can't stop myself from humming this song. For those who don't know,  'Am coming home'  is a song by Dirty Diddy..Google it. Its a nice song and whenever I tried writing a poem about my current excitement, I could find myself humming this lyrics. I have just posted a part of the lyrics...I usually don't copy paste here. But I did this time because I was so much satisfied with this song that i didn't need another poem to express. This excitement and all actually started on 28-11-11, when with help of my friend.  I decided to make a trip to Mumbai and booked the tickets the very next day. I had exam next day, but that night I was not able to study at all. All the memories of my friends from my old place poured in. The same memories would have hurt a lot, if not for the plan to be there back soon. I was trying to solve some numericals with the music playing, to add to the nostalgic mood songs like 'Swades' started playing

Entropy of Mind!!

Feels really good to be back here writing after a long time. Nearly a month.....Exams!!! and still going on, but we are having 5 days holiday for the next exam, so here I am. Today this poem is mine is about The Entropy Of a Teenage mind! be very frank, this is what I am going through... I am going through such time of my life, where I feel hard to stay happy. I don't know Why?  But nothing is making me more happy these days. Only good thing which is there everyday is the Football game in evening and the poems. By the way, last time I missed the football game, I got 101 fever....ya it sounds crazy, but I did...and than next day with the fever and headache I did play and Eureka!!! fever was gone!!! am going little out of topic.... So getting back to the topic This poem is Dedicated to all The Confused People out there!!! :) and its called: "I DON't KNOW!!"