A Suicide note.

As I had always said Life has been a sine wave and I had been in its  peaks(ups) and  crests(downs), during all times there were some special friends who always supported and were there for me.
But the best and most loyal company was always My Poetry!!
I am very sure many of you have written poems in your bad times, when you felt really bad about something and you had no one around to share your grief with. It is not necessary to be good at poetry and you wont even care about it. You may end up writing the dumbest poetry, but for that instance reading the poetry again and again gives you relief.
So this poem is dedicated to the bad times which we all have been through in some part of our life!!!


  1. hey---humour with suicide note/
    btb keep your spirits up anirudh. I appreciate your positive nature and nice posts. good luck.

  2. @sushma harish: next one will sure be a +ve one :)

    @prakriti:n thanks again...

  3. Of course, looking at back at ur bad times makes u feel strong n tells u not to be sad, the worst is yet to come!
    This poem really let's all our innermost feelings out making our heart feel light!
    But yes, never to attempt a suicide coz its a cowardice act and doesn't provide solution to any problem in our lives!

  4. @neha: thanks for reading and your insights on the poem....

  5. Very touchy pennings. But poetry does happen in Too good times Too.

  6. @Maun Vision: agree but most of the times in bad times and solace...atleast thats the case wid me...

  7. I agree and relate so well because I have been writing both poetry and prose since a long time and spilling all the stress and frustration on paper (or the computer screen) is almost as effective as talking to your best friend. And surprisingly, my best works are the ones that are created in this way, haha. Weird, right?

    By the way, great poem. Keep it up.

  8. @Enigmatic Soul :thanks for agreeing bro, only a fellow poet can understand this...else all d folks around me tell me try writing more of inspiring and happy poems....

  9. Comparing lyf Vd sine wave...seriously I nva thought dat physics can b compared 2 our lives until I was here....
    NYC comparison actually..and a gr8 poem too

    1. Ya Sine wave :)

      Thanks for stopping by..
      Keep reading

  10. We do not wanna loose a budding talent !! So no suicide please :) Winks !!

    Bro Good one !!


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