My Passion-FOOTBALL!! and my A-team!!

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*Sorry readers, there is a typo in last line: Satisfaction 

Ask me what I love truly and I will answer Poems, Football and Myself.
Football has been my passion and true love since high school. I still take pride in telling that I was the one who  introduced football to my school friends. No one can deny that!!

The story started with me being invited for a football match by one of my seniors, that was when I was in 9th std. That day it rained heavily and I reached home drenched and with the realization that Football was my cup of tea. :)
Since than I was waiting for next chance to play, and It came when we had Half day leave in school. My Girlfriend- R1 (ya...ya....but she is not the topic today!!) managed to get a football and I gathered my class mates in nearby ground(Shakti dham,Kalyan, MH). That day we had a rowdy game with no proper formations and guys just running wild behind the ball. It ended with a Bang!!. The ball was destroyed beyond repairs.
Then it didn't take much time for my friends to realize that this was the game to be played. Than we used to play regularly, I still remember how during study leave too we used to come to the ground in uniforms, change and than play. early morning at 6am we used to go to friends house to pull them out of their blankets and ask them to join us for a game. There were days when there wont be enough players and we would have to put a bonfire to fight the cold in the morning.
Such were the amazing days which continued and with every passing day, my skills in football improved. I remember playing 5-6 games with 2-3 different groups of friends in a day. Even during my 10th std Board exams I was in the ground playing with my friend Ganesh. I was a all rounder in the game and Goalkeeping and Passing used to be my strength. I always liked to lead being the midfielder.
To continue with the story, when I shifted from Mumbai to Mangalore, I was not able to play for almost 2 years. Here people are much into volley ball and so I never got a chance to play here in the initial two years. 
In the 2nd year when I was in 12th std, there was a football match. In which I participated, my mom had bought me Studs for that game. Our team lost in Sudden death. I have to agree after being away from the game for two years, I had completely lost it.
In my 12th vacations, my mumbai friends would call me and tell about how they still meet up and play everyday. I used to be so much depressed at that time because I had nothing to do.......No friends stayed nearby, and those were a very dull vacations!! But thanks to Smit and Ganesh who had come all the way to Mangalore to visit me. They were determined to take me back with them but mom didn't agree. So I had to do something. Don't ask me how but I managed to do the impossible, that is break out from the prison. Ya i went to Mumbai with my studs packed, All thanks to R1(love u a lot for that) who made it possible. There I was, but Hell what did I see. All my friends had now become pro at the game and I completely felt like a starter. There were some new players who were also really good. Those holidays went by with me enjoying roaming Mumbai more than enjoying football.
Than I was back to Mangalore. Admission In SSE a Engineering college. Again for 1 year football and I stayed apart. I used to see some people playing in the nearby church grounds, but I never had the guts to ask if i could join, all because of some bad experiences in the past which made me think that if its church ground's than its only for Christians.  
But then again nobody could keep me away from the game for long. When my 2nd year exams were coming to end, Glen who stays near to my place met me on the road while he was coming back from football game. Luckily he started the conversation, which I diverted to football and MIRACLE!! He invited me to join them. He still thinks that he invited me, but if he would have not that day than I would have ended up begging to him to let me play with them.
SOOO.... again I am here these days playing almost everyday.
Now things have changed, I am not that good at goalkeeping as before. I enjoy playing in wing more, and most of the time assist forwards for goals and am really good at it. 
I really get irritated if I don't get to play any day. At least 15mins of game. that is enough to eradicate all the stress and tensions.
 Some days back had a surgery and was advised not to play, but I couldn't resist. Very soon I was found in the ground sliding and tackling for the ball.
It really felt good to be back and even today I did play and have some really nice marks(wounds actually) on my hands !!!
And did I mention that in 12th, I had got my left ankle fractured. Yupps still i play well, actually I don use my left foot much.
So that's about my passion for football. Nothing can keep me away from the game!!

Here is a glance of my friends who were the core team of all the big games I played in mumbai!!!
My Alpha team: There placement in the field and my life!!

some really good players whom i remember are 
Pradnyesh, Tushar, Bushan, Dipesh, Vinit, Tushar, Mahesh Siddesh.....sorry if i forgot someone.... :)

Miss you all friends. This December, I am gonna be there and mind it people..I get to play everyday might just surprise you. :)


  1. so.... can i call u khiladi....;-)

    i appreciate yo passion yaar.... jst continue:-)

  2. OLD is always GOLD!!! We won't realize out true strengths unless we push ourselves really hard beyond our current limits, no matter even if it breaks our bones, but it only makes us more stronger, dat's the best part!!!
    Your experiences bring back to me my badminton days how I made my hand groan n moan in pain till the very end!

  3. @prakriti: thanks for reading!!! Khiladi..hehehee...sounds great!!

    @neha: Breaking bones is too much yaar...litlle scratch here and there is ok... :) btw played today till late....many got injured, luckily I was not one of them...

  4. awsUm bROthA !! I reaLLy lUVd IT ..
    N Cum sOOn 2 MuMBAi ,, v aLl r WAitIN 4 ew :( :) :)

  5. Thanks!!next tym u come we will play till we die! :D

  6. janish: lets c bro. if i can come...i will!!

    deva: Than get ready!!! we will be on self destruct mode soon...

  7. Come here we will go to watch I league match at pune or mumbai.

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