Is the End Nearing??

This poem was a recent compilation by me. Till last week here in Mangalore, Karnataka the weather had been very bad. Surprisingly it used to rain every evening, not just rains the loud deafening thunder and bright lightning were even worse. It was during my exam time and so no matter what I had to study. Of course load-shedding!! We had a Invertor which if switched on during such thunder and lightning, we could be sure that  never again we will be able to use it. So I had to manage with a Candle. I was supposed to study but trust me on this, in that dim light of the flickering candle and the frightening sounds of thunder, I felt the words of these poetry coming on my lips. As Rap artist- Eminem says in his song: Loose yourself, even I didn't want to miss this opportunity and started scribbling down the words in my notebook.
To add to all this, Mom started complaining about the bad weather and I really did get some nice thoughts from her and even those I expressed in the poetry. 
Yet again I wrote this poem  from a toddler's viewpoint.Hope the readers will like it.

I had posted this poem in Facebook too where one of my friend-Kinix explained to me more about how Mythology explains these wierd and unstable weather and what exactly mom wanted to say when she related it to God and Human's sins.
This is what she had to say: Kinix Hande our present Kali yug lasts for 432,000 which is being experienced over the past 5,000 years. In this yuga vice increases to such a point that at the termination of the yuga Lord appears as the Kalki avatara, vanquishes the demons,saves his devotees,and commences another Satya-yuga.

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  1. Innocent, beautiful poem. It's really great that you could write from the POV of a child :)

    If you had a few minutes, could you read a post of mine, and if you like it, give it a vote? Every read, feedback, and vote means a lot, and makes a big difference :)

  2. @thestorytellerslostpages: thanks a lot for reading...i will read ur post....

    @roopz: thanks for reading!!!

  3. Good thought process Anirudh...Good poem...too!!


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