The Day when Ajmal Kasab's and My Fate were decided.

*Poem- "Justice Delayed is Justice Denied" in the end of the post.

6 may 2010!!

I still do remember the date. Actually i don't(wink), I am not very good at remembering dates!!I had to check in Wikipedia to get the date.

I may forget the exact date but not the day.

Ajmal amar kasab
It was a important day in Ajmal Amar Kasab's life who was one of the terrorist involved in 2008 Mumbai attacks convicted of killing around 200 people, along with 9 other terrorist. So 6 may 2010 was the day when the Trial court was going to give judgement on his case. The questions and debates flying around in every news channel was whether Kasab should be sentenced to death or not.

This day became similarly important day in my life too, because my 12th/Hsc/2nd PU board exam results were gonna be out, and I too had committed a crime of not preparing well for Maths exam. The thought of failing in this exam sent shivers down my spine. This day was going to influence my upcoming life to a great extent, because as all of us are well aware of the fact that 12th Board exams are pretty important and according to those we decide our further studies which influence our career options also. So altogether the day was important and thought of not clearing maths exam too scary.

At 1pm that evening my results were gonna be out and even Kasab's hearing was going on the trial court that very moment.
 I was at my aunt's place with mom. I had told mom about my fear of not clearing maths paper just a day before and so she was also tensed. All day long she was asking me about what were the odds of me not clearing the exam.
Till 1pm, my fear was acting like a catalyst to my uneasiness and I felt as if I was Kasab convicted of a serious crime. I spent time watching debates on news and came to the conclusion that India should win- I should win my battle against maths and India against terrorism was my only wish.
I had my Nokia cellphone-N73 at that time, and I had activated Internet and was refreshing the results webpage again and again to check whether results were out. 
The judgement for my life was out soon. When I could access the webpage, I entered my Exam Candidate number and prayed till the page loaded, the first thing i noticed was : First Class and that meant I had cleared all. The next was maths which i had got 39!! Just saved from doom. That very moment I ran to mom and gave her the news and I had tears in my eyes when i rested my head on her lap.
That exam I had scored least in maths (39/100) and best in Computer science(96/100). So my fate was sealed-Computer science engineering.
Than next day read in the newspaper that India had also won the battle like me and Kasab had been sentenced to death. I was happy but not for Kasab's death but for mine and India's victory against their crucial enemies Maths and Kasab.

But than I realized that the battle was not yet over even after joining Engineering,I had to face Maths.
and even till date Kasab stays alive because this is India. Now hell I don't know why even after supreme court's judgement he is kept alive or why his case is still waiting hearing.

Soon after I came to know this I wrote a poem to express my anger against the political and judiciary system of India.

Justice Delayed is Justice Denied.
Kasab Poem on Terrorism

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  1. gud1 dude, i'm happy abt yr battle wit maths. I also stand wit u in the matter f indian politic's n i'm nt totally in2 the 'hangin a person' part. It jst doesnt feel right to tke away a persons right to live.

    Oh by the way nyc work and our govt jst sux!!!

  2. Athul i totally agree with you, but if you would do a little research on Kasab, you will surely change your mind.....MY mistake I didnt mention in the blog about how even i used to think giving death sentence to him is not fair...but when I came to know the mind changed...check about him in wikki....He was and is a real monster!!!

  3. Nice!engineering students have time for everything other than studies! Lol

  4. @devashish: wat to do...i get all these ideas during studying only :)

  5. Here in India, the criminals are being treated like VIP's! The judicial system needs to be fast and stern!
    But hey Maths is necessary to sharpen our wits! So we should master it not battle against it!
    Hope you start loving Maths before you finish your Engineering Degree!! ;)

  6. @Neha nats: maybe u r right!! but maths still haunts me re!!!

    and about Criminal's being treated as VIP,,,you should google about demands of kasab...he even asks for biryani!!!

  7. Its a pity that or fellow Indians still struggle for life and these bloody terrorists are as safe as ever..a fraction of the money we spent on these bloody criminals are all that we need to improve our fellow poor citizens...but alas its INDIA....we have our own virtues....ATHITHI DEVO BHAVA!!!1

  8. @madrasi: agree....Uff these virtues!! Over that I couldn't believe some Human rights orgs doing campaigns against kasab's death sentence...

  9. Your writing style is so engaging. Well done. And what you said is true.
    Justice should never be delayed
    Engineering is a struggle with Maths

    Ashwini, (B.E)Enginner :-D

  10. @ashwini: thanks a lot for the encouragement and reading...Happy reading


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