Wake up please!!

This poem is one among those which cant be described in any way before reading it actually. So go ahead read it and come back and I will tell you more about it!!Poem, Wake up Please

          So now that you have read it, you may know yourself why I didn't describe this poem before you read it. Yupps, it had a twist and I didn't want to spoil the suspense.
               Now speaking about the poem, this poem was written by me some days back. I always feel good to see things from a child's viewpoint, and this was my attempt to put forward a feelings of a child about his mother's death. A major inspiration behind writing of this poem is the song- Where did you go? by Fort minor. I had the ear phones on while writing this poem so I guess the poem has got little influenced by it. I even tried humming this poem in that song's tune and it goes well.
hmmmmmmmmm,,,,,,ya thats all about this poem!! 
Hope you liked it!!

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