Recognise The voice!

I consider this as my Masterpiece- the best poem I ever wrote(11/14/2011). If you don't like this poem, I am very sure you wont like anything in my blog. :)
Go ahead.... read it.
Poem Recognize the Voice

yes, I didn't describe this poem before you could read it because the TWIST... SUSPENSE..would be than lost. It was not very easy crafting this poem, I had to go deep into the thought and it was possible only because I had been around some Unfortunate....whom I happened to observe and emotionally get attached with.
If you read the poem only once I suggest you to go through it again now, as you know it was a blind child speaking. If you read it again, you will understand what each and every line meant exactly which before maybe sounded meaningless.
IF ANYONE, was able to guess the twist before reading the poem itself, do tell the comments,,,and also tell me how you could reach to the conclusion. It may be helpful for me to understand and improve in writing. Thank you. God  bless.

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