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My Passion-FOOTBALL!! and my A-team!!

*Sorry readers, there is a typo in last line: Satisfaction 

Ask me what I love truly and I will answer Poems, Football and Myself.
Football has been my passion and true love since high school. I still take pride in telling that I was the one who  introduced football to my school friends. No one can deny that!!

The story started with me being invited for a football match by one of my seniors, that was when I was in 9th std. That day it rained heavily and I reached home drenched and with the realization that Football was my cup of tea. :)
Since than I was waiting for next chance to play, and It came when we had Half day leave in school. My Girlfriend- R1 (ya...ya....but she is not the topic today!!) managed to get a football and I gathered my class mates in nearby ground(Shakti dham,Kalyan, MH). That day we had a rowdy game with no proper formations and guys just running wild behind the ball. It ended with a Bang!!. The ball was destroyed beyond repairs.
Then it didn't take much time for…

A Suicide note.

As I had always said Life has been a sine wave and I had been in its  peaks(ups) and  crests(downs), during all times there were some special friends who always supported and were there for me.
But the best and most loyal company was always My Poetry!!
I am very sure many of you have written poems in your bad times, when you felt really bad about something and you had no one around to share your grief with. It is not necessary to be good at poetry and you wont even care about it. You may end up writing the dumbest poetry, but for that instance reading the poetry again and again gives you relief.
So this poem is dedicated to the bad times which we all have been through in some part of our life!!!

Disgusted about my surname-Shetty, against Racism

Poem: AGAINST RACISM in the end of the post.

The title is provoking, but the intent is to create awareness about Racism by narrating a Real Life Incident. No claims are made telling that the whole community is Racist. 

No love lost!!

This post is different......I didn't plan much or write this in a text file to fine tune,proof-read and than post.
Instead I entered my home, came straight to my laptop which was still connected to blogger showing my blog stats. Clicked on posting and started writing this post.

I am full of Disgust and Anger, which I want to express otherwise I will end up breaking things at my place.

Eminem- No Love lost, No love found playing in the background in Windows media player.
Hell No!!!This is not a post break-up write!!

Full of anger and mixed feelings but I would not like to spoil this post and would feel better only if my message reaches to all the folks around me.

The Scene: Racist SHETS & the Victim DIKHAS.:
To start with, I was in a goo…

The Day when Ajmal Kasab's and My Fate were decided.

*Poem- "Justice Delayed is Justice Denied" in the end of the post.

6 may 2010!!

I still do remember the date. Actually i don't(wink), I am not very good at remembering dates!!I had to check in Wikipedia to get the date.

I may forget the exact date but not the day.

It was a important day in Ajmal Amar Kasab's life who was one of the terrorist involved in 2008 Mumbai attacks convicted of killing around 200 people, along with 9 other terrorist. So 6 may 2010 was the day when the Trial court was going to give judgement on his case. The questions and debates flying around in every news channel was whether Kasab should be sentenced to death or not.

This day became similarly important day in my life too, because my 12th/Hsc/2nd PU board exam results were gonna be out, and I too had committed a crime of not preparing well for Maths exam. The thought of failing in this exam sent shivers down my spine. This day was going to influence my upcoming life to a great extent, because as a…

Is the End Nearing??

This poem was a recent compilation by me. Till last week here in Mangalore, Karnataka the weather had been very bad. Surprisingly it used to rain every evening, not just rains the loud deafening thunder and bright lightning were even worse. It was during my exam time and so no matter what I had to study. Of course load-shedding!! We had a Invertor which if switched on during such thunder and lightning, we could be sure that  never again we will be able to use it. So I had to manage with a Candle. I was supposed to study but trust me on this, in that dim light of the flickering candle and the frightening sounds of thunder, I felt the words of these poetry coming on my lips. As Rap artist- Eminem says in his song: Loose yourself, even I didn't want to miss this opportunity and started scribbling down the words in my notebook. To add to all this, Mom started complaining about the bad weather and I really did get some nice thoughts from her and even those I expressed in the poetry. Yet …

Wake up please!!

This poem is one among those which cant be described in any way before reading it actually. So go ahead read it and come back and I will tell you more about it!!

Recognise The voice!

I consider this as my Masterpiece- the best poem I ever wrote(11/14/2011). If you don't like this poem, I am very sure you wont like anything in my blog. :)
Go ahead.... read it.