Untold Explorations - DAY2 - Dalhousie Musings

A hill from back in the time.

Hello everyone,

This post is part of a travelogue series that I have been writing on my recent Trip with Untold Tales(Facebook link)
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Utexploration Post 1 - Golden templeUtexploration Post 2 - Wagah/Attari BorderUntold Explorations - DAY1 - Amritsar Continued Disclaimer: This post might have been ended up more of my musings about Dalhousie rather than a travelogue. Aggey apki marzi...

Did you love the slow but visually delightful canvas of the Bollywood movie Lootera, then you will definitely create a connection with Dalhousie.
If you are one who stays in the city out of circumstances and dreams of someday being lost in a town in the hills, then you would fall for this place.

What I would recommend for people to do in Dalhousie is something I couldn't do.
If you were on a planned trip like me with a itinerary and Dalhousie is one of the 7-8 places you go then yes go about your itinerary and experience the Touristy pla…

Untold Explorations - DAY1 - Amritsar Continued

Hello everyone,

This post is part of a travelogue series that I have been writing on my recent Trip with Untold Tales(Facebook link)
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Utexploration Post 1 - Golden templeUtexploration Post 2 - Wagah/Attari Border
So as per itinerary we had Golden Temple and Wagah/Attari Border retreat ceremony to be covered, but Amritsar has a lot more to offer.

Going through the streets of Amritsar, I said to Sunny who was accompanying me "It's beautiful, one must spend more than a day to thoroughly admire and enjoy this place."

But then I think like that about every place I visit, I like to leave with a few memories about the roads I went strolling without any purpose..
Back then I promised myself to come back here and spend more time exploring the place.
Seems silly when I say this but....
If you give enough time,  the place starts speaking to you and you can have some delightful conversations!

We did roam through the Amritsar Mall Road and visited Jallianwala Baug …

Untold Explorations - DAY1 - Retreat ceremony, Attari Border

So the next stop of Untold Tales which started with Golden temple, Amritsar
was Attari-Wagah border retreat ceremony.

As one of our fellow explorers Prathmesh said, We went from feeling highly spiritual to feeling passionately Patriotic in the very first day of our trip.

Beating Retreat ceremony consists of various activities and presentation by the BSF(Border security force) followed by a powerful parade by the soldiers and the coordinated lowering of both nation's flag.

While we were rushing in through the queue what we had in mind was what we had always seen in videos and tv, high towering soldiers with those fantail turbans kicking high in the air and marching strong.

It was both funny and shameful to see lighters, tobacco and bidi packets scattered around the queue. Mostly people who were carrying these things heard the announcements informing of all the things prohibited and chose to drop it there instead of finding a dustbin.

Once inside we rushed to find a sweet spot from…

Perfect Agro-Dry fruit and Spices retailers in Mira road

This post is a place added by me as Google Local guide.

Perfect Agro,
A-57, Poonam Sagar Rd, Sector 1, Shanti Nagar, Mira Road, Mira Bhayandar, Maharashtra 401107

Find in map:

Google Maps listing:
Yet to be approved

My experience:

When I was searching for a Dry fruit and Spices retailer, I went to many stores and ended up liking this places and buying whatever was required from here.
The staff is friendly and welcoming, they recommend the right products and give good information about each.
I had been to Amritsar-Kullu-Manali trip and came to realise the quality and the prices of the dry fruits sold here were same or even better than those I found there.

Recommended for those looking for various flavored Cashews right from Classic salted to Masala to Chocolate to cheese and what not.

Learn more about Google Local guides here:
Be a Google Local Guide!!

Untold Explorations - DAY1 - Golden temple, Amritsar

Untold Tales is bringing a trip filled with adventure and art Join us in this trip and be an explorer artist with us
We will explore Amritsar, kullu, Manali, dalhousie and Kasol
What do you get in this trip -
1- exploring all these places with like mind people
2- camping in Kasol
3- Performing and witnessing performances in all these places
4- River Rafting
5- Staying in all 4 star hotels
6- one night camp under the stars ------------------------------------------------------------------
So what you read above is the description of the trip I found through a school friend who is active in the spoken word community and...........why not!? We said
So we are on board!
On a 10 day trip! No no didn't quit my job, managed to get that many eh? 🤣
I have been trying to revive my blog for long now and this would be the perfect opportunity to, so while we are 15 mins away from Amritsar to start our Day1, I start writing while I enjoy the window view in Golden Temple Mail.


Anidhud to Anirudh - My Storytelling video

How much power can a word have in your life?
Presenting a story close to my heart...
One I always wanted to share with the world.
Was never sure if I would be able to do justice to it...
Still nervous as I share this with you all.... Open to feedback.
Do share if you like.
Huge thanks to
OneNest studios for believing in me and giving me this opportunity.

Regards, Poetic Philosopher.

From Resignation to #Cycling2Work! - Part 3

Hello Reader,
In the gap between my last post to this, a lot has changed. Thankfully a lot.

Important update: Yes I left that IT Job which I was talking about in my previous posts.

(Crowd cheers)
But soon I joined another smiliar job the following weekend

(Crowd facepalms)

Of course, one has to keep the income steady and flowing.
BTW quitting IT is not in my books soon. I do enjoy what I do and this change of job now gives me a lil breathing space and I am positive about not repeating the same mistakes again....
(Thinks about writing another blog post on things not to do at a IT Job)

OK Now I will get back to my topic,
I have not cycled for 25 days now, that is for different reasons though.
I still would like to continue writing these chapters and cover up the whole journey of cycling.
This is a continuation of the below series…